1. Great video! I learned so much just from this one video! I look forward to watching all the rest! you explained everything so well! Thankx! 🙂 I will be using this video as a reference, when I need to go back and refresh my memory on anything.

  2. 100$ says you got the angled pliers with the orange handle from harbor freight. I have the same ones.
    Their flush cuts are garbage tho, but luckily they have a lifetime warranty for them. But I got some off amazon that are amazing.

  3. I came back to see what drills you recommend since I need one since the one I have now is battery driven and only spins at maximum 950 RPM. Your "drill" link just shows a search result in E-bay for drills.

  4. I am not sure if it is correct what you are telling about the diameter of the wire.
    When I use steam Engine coil calculator. I get differed results. ( http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.html )

    For example when I use an Kanthal 20AWG wire with 5 wraps with an inner diameter of 2mm (the Resistance wire length is 62,1mm ).

    I get a resistance of 0.174 Ohm and a heat capacity of 105.01 mJ/k

    ( Heat capacity = higher heat capacity, the slower your coil will be to heat up (and to cool down))

    But when I use a thinner wire of 30AWG with 5 wraps wit 2mm diameter (Resistance wire length is now 44.4mm)

    I get a resistance of 1,265 Ohm and a heat capacity of 7.39 mJ/K

    So the thinner wire with more resistance would heat up faster (and cool down faster) than the thicker wire with lower resistance .

  5. "Closer to zero, the hotter it will be" I find this misleading but I know what you mean. But people get confused about it. the lower it's going to be, the more power it will output, but power nor resistance represents "heat". What I mean by this is that mass also plays a huge part in the heat.

    An example would be a standard 26awg and compared it to a Clapton 26/36 with the same ID, same wraps and everything. This will still clock about the same resistance which would also be around the same power on an unregulated mod. However, Clapton will ramp up slower because it has added mass. You throw those 2 on a regulated mod at the same power, Clapton will still ramp up slower. Even though resistance is roughly the same. This is why I never build the same resistance as I see many people do. ".2 ohm is the best" Totally depends on the coil because of the mass. People for some reason doesn't talk too much about the mass and people start to think that resistance represents the heat, and they stick with one resistance all the time no matter what coil they are building. It's misleading.

  6. I'm just starting to build coils, and I'm sure happy I subscribed to your channel.. seems you have the best tutorials for beginners. thanks for sharing your knowledge 👍👄💨

  7. Bro, shoot me an email. We gotta talk. Like to get you on a live show soon. Hopefully we can send some subs your way. Your content is awesome and fed deserves a bigger following. Hit me up

  8. sweet video look like imma be getting more wire now lol i wish i would have seen this before i was only able to find 25ft kanthal a1 but it never hurt to order more ……tryn to build coils ….trial and error…trial and error heheh i added ya on insta pce have a good 1

  9. So glad you are doing this series. I'm really interested in learning all I can about building before I start. I'm one of those ppl that does stupid amounts of research before getting into something. Takes a lot of time to learn but its worth it for me to know what im doing. Thanks man!

  10. great video and perfect timing for me, I just started to build my own coils, looking forward to the future videos!!


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