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For everyone who has asked for this video showing how to smoke Legal for beginners, enjoy people keep Smoking safe.



  1. Very Rare will I comment for not a lot grabs my attention.. Here is my honest thoughts.. You are a good advocate on this and I think it could go two ways. 1 You need to go massive 1 way continue very slowly on you own on utube you want to go massive on utube get a partner/camera person.2 get everything you have done put it all together and get it on the public medeia TV / Film…

  2. do a review on cotton candy carnage please mate prison tv sorted it my boy and he sorted it me cause i wanted try a weaker one, i like my grade n this apocolypse is a bit strong, is this enough cotton candy carnage in the zoot mate? http://i.imgur.com/qQU4WMr.png is it the same 3 tokes like exodus blue? prob have smoked it by time you reply but still would like see a review on it bro, cheers 🙂

  3. Yoo whats Gucci Jaye your vids are dope as fuck brother love watchin em reviews keep it up my man. I wanted to ask if you could review a couple of products, such as the Charge+, the King B, and my personal favorite which I know you would like which is the Strong Man, has an amazing smell like fresh blueberry pie yea and a great high. Also I was hoping you could still do a blunt video like the cigar paper yea, and i was hoping your still gonna fucks with that keef video as well like fill up a zoot with keef shit woul be lit. Anyways thanks for your vids Jaye gave me great suggestions. stay lit, smoke on brother!

  4. I ent no joker smoker been burning grade from day but I could not smoke that spliff you have just rolled Al at once I put smaller amounts of legal in my zoot and I get fully mash up fam


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