Beginners Guide to Vape eLiquid

Beginners Guide to Vape eLiquid

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Tom from Vape Club looks at the basics of e Liquids, their ingredients, how they’re used in the world of vaping, as well as what a beginner vaper needs to know.



  1. Can you smoke a 100% pg liquid ?

  2. hey can y put only vg????? and flavoring

  3. great beard brother same colour as mine , i orderd from you few weeks ago the flawless aftermath and more currently vaping on charlie's chalk dust wonder worm wich i baught from you guys it is awesome , greatings from Iceland !

  4. Love the beard and great vid????

  5. One of the finest ever. Thank you so much,

  6. Thanks for the info. Just one question: there is any problem using eliquid sudliquid brand that is out of date? Its 2017 and I have a few bottles from my brother that are from 2014. Any major problems?

  7. Great video – learned a fair bit. Thank you.

  8. this reeally helped me gentleman.. thnks alot

  9. Looks like your barber only cut part of ur beard off 😛

  10. I really like your video and it is very informative for new vapers but i dislike your cuts. They are pretty annoying especially when it jumps from side to side in the middle of a sentence without. Keep on the good work!

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  12. Nice review brother,really enjoyed it.

  13. im not a smoker but i want to try vaping, could i get e-liquids without nicotine, and im wondering if theres a point to vaping without nicotine. thanks

  14. hi, i have a problem: 2 weeks ago i bought liquid for my vape, dho_nut called and i tested it… IT WAS DISGUSTING !! so i vaped it as quick as possible untill the tank was empty again.. now i bought a new liquid but i still taste that shitty dho-nut thing… what do i have to do ?

  15. This guys more helpful then the vape shops around me

  16. Very useful information. Just got back into vaping to move from tobacco. After much frustration from the first time I tried vaping, I purchased higher ohm coils. I originally had a sub ohm coil, but it was too harsh. After deciding to give it another go I got 2.2 ohm coils. What a difference. After experimenting for a week (smoking whilst waiting for recharges, but now have another battery), I have now just given my mate my 'emergency baccy' pouch. I am now a happy vaper and when I walk into my flat there is no ashtray smell. I know it's not quitting nicotine but it's a happy (and cheaper) alternative to smoking, for me.

    I came to this video after searching and trying to decide which e liquids to opt for and this video has helped a lot. Cheers!

  17. can someone tell me can you put any eliquids to any vaper e-cig devices???

  18. Thanks Tom. I'm new to quitting smoking. (My New Year's resolution.) Vaping has been a revelation and I really am confident I can quit by using vaping. I started on 18 and 12 mg nicotine and yes I was using a Sub ohm device and found the throat hit very harsh. Your video has explained why – thanks!!

  19. can u tell me what are the types of ejuice

  20. Thank you very much for this video, It really helped me.

  21. Can we all take a moment and appreciate how fucking awesome his beard is…..

  22. Thank you. I am using a sub ohm tank (Cleito ) and was a heavy smoker. I have vaped for a few months without smoking. I have just switched from the pen style to the sub ohm for better taste ,etc. I was surprised to hear that you should not vape above a 6mg in the sub ohms. I noticed I do not vape as often as I am more satisfied, but would that be dangerous to vape above 6mg? Does it deliver the nicotine differently? Please explain…I am a little panicked lol

  23. I've been thru tons of videos trying to figure out what u just explained lol. thanks so much and keep up the good vids!

  24. hi with the new regulation will one beable to diy i dont understand all these things eg can one buy 72mg or 52mg nic and make ur own or will it be very xpensive once the new rules kick in

  25. liar VG stands for vanoss gaming

  26. thanks for the info on the nicotine level now i know lol

  27. Good video, informative… but please don't change the camara angle every three seconds, its very distracting and annoying

  28. Very informative video tnx

  29. Thank you for this wonderful video Tom. I have just started vaping and you helped answer so many questions for me.

  30. I am a kid using a CoolFire 4 with an Isub tank! Is this good for starting Vaping?

  31. Great tutorial Dude…Thanks

  32. thank you very much this information was very helpful

  33. please help me.. im vaping and its too hard. it burns is my nictine strength too high? what woudl lower strength do? help!@!!

  34. which flavour do you suggest me to start with(your opinion)

  35. Lol I like what i see and that is one epic man beard ?

  36. wtf is that shit on his chin. is it supposed to be a goatee

  37. I just bought my parents a pair of Vaporesso Target 75w Pros and a variation of ELiquids… some of them being 12mg in strength. They have smoked all their life since they were about 15years old. Think it will be too strong for them? Although they have been vaping for a while on a smaller starting device.

  38. Loved the explanation, thank you.

  39. I've never been a morning smoker – usually have my first cigarette well after lunch. I do, however, start smoking hard before bed (with a glass or 4 of wine). I tried a pen vape with 6mg liquid and cut back on my smoking quite a bit, but the effect wore off as the cheap vape gadget wore out. Recently picked up an entry level 'serious' vape gadget (eLeaf istick) with some 12 mg liquid – and found my lighter missing in the morning – it was with my phone, not by my computer – because I didn't smoke the night before. I was quite surprised. It's been 4 days and my smoking is down to about 20% of what it had been. I'm thinking that if I give a little effort, I should be able to complete the transition. Vaping is easier on my breathing.
    I'm not sure about the long term effect of vaping vs smoking – but it does seem to offer a viable path to breaking a life long habit (30 years). If it works out, then I hope to try reducing the mg and maybe regulating my vaping a bit to see if I can be free of the damn nicotine once and for all. Anyway, we'll see.

  40. Is there liquid with no nicotine??

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  42. That ingredient graph/bottle hurts my head. In a a bottle of e-juice, based on weight the nicotine would be on the bottom then the VG on top of that, pg on top of that and finally the flavoring on top.

  43. Well I know now to get mor vg

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