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https://www.leafly.com In this episode of Leafly’s Cannabis 101 we break down 5 major differences between ingesting cannabis and inhaling it. Ingested cannabis has a completely different metabolic…



  1. Do you have any kind of recipes to make gummy bears with cannabis coconut oil could you please share it with me I'm dying to make it I have bad back problems and I do not like to take meds this is my medication smoking is not an option thank you very much Nan's Edibles on the hill

  2. Geez I wish I could get someone to mail me some of these. I live in Tennessee and can't get shit, well that's not expensive anyways. All my old dude did was change packaging, now the stupid ass turned into a meth head and I can't get shit.

  3. I have so much weed i extract and put them on everything. Even in my fruit infused water bottle lol its amazing on a jogging using sativa. Then i would go to sleep eating a nice indica dinner with atleast something with my cannabis butter. Its a lifestyle man i love it, stay well everyone!

  4. the highest that ive ever been is after i ate weed infused cake……….i didnt go according to the rules so i ate a lot ..i knew i fucked up 4 hours later ,couldnt sleep seeing things hearing voices…if i wasn't a smoker or if i had never been high before ,i might have gone crazy that night lol i almost ended up at the hospital to, i hat to be telling myself ' youre just high calm down calm down you are just high calm down……never ate any edibles since then so beware and if youre new to it take it really slow take a little piece

  5. The question no one ever answers……. Smoking is not hard on the liver, being edibles are processed and amplified by the liver, is it dangerous to the liver? The oils for pen pipes have additives that are hard on the kidneys, to control the burning of the material evenly. And if eating increases effects, does eating larger amounts compound the stress on the liver? If so is there a point or amount that crosses the line to toxic?

  6. Just started with edibles and found 10 not enough 20 getting there. I feel like I have got a good buzz or low stone want the real feeling what kind of dose do i need ?

  7. Is level of marijuana when you eaten for pain. Because I don't know what to eat I resend I have a leg surgery and most of my pain comes from my knee. That's why I ask. I want to eating connobis because I don't know how to smoke.

  8. Studying chem looking at this, I really hope I can be a part of the business in the future and provide people with the best information for their needs. Too many heartless greedy bastards in this world would rather make big bucks than treat their clients the best and as individuals.


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