In this vaping video I show you vapers how I wrap my Micro Coils, Macro Coils, Nano Coils, and Super Nano Coils. Check out my NEW website at …



  1. Hay Rip, I know you're busy, but I am still looking for Pt2 of this series. It's been nearly 2 years. Even Sherlock hasn't been this long a wait.

  2. I know this is an old video, but I'm finally able to get in to rebuilding.  I'm just wondering, what is the relation of number of wraps to resistance?  Any specifics, or even just in general, is there a rule of thumb, like more wraps = higher, or lower resistance, or vice versa with less wraps?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Question to all!  let me get this straight the thicker the wire and the more coils the greater the resistance.So why is it that when you add a second coil it lowers the resistance?   you would think a .7 ohm coil plus another .7 ohm coil would be 1.4 ohms but it becomes less resistant to .35 ohms  I'm not understanding that. Help please

  4. Hey rip, can you make a video on the difference macro, micro and nano. I mean i know the size of the kanthal are different and stuff but what's the different functions and about size of wrap. I don't get it, and maybe a few others don't get it either. I love watching your videos btw, your reviews and tutorials awesome and that's why I hope you can teach us difference. Thanks ??

  5. I have a question, how do you know how many raps you need for the amount of ohms you want with the specific wire size? lol

  6. good Vid Sir. One thing I would like to mention that WILL help with your super nano coil is to use a Pin vise to hold the needle, it not only holds the needle great (with the hollow style you can put the point of the needle inside the handle) but it also gives you the shoulder to work against . And you can get a pin vise on ebay for a lot less than $10 (just be sure you get the right size).

  7. I'm the noob you're referring to in this video. I have a kanger tank. I tried building a basic coil. It works for a few seconds, then shorts out. What would cause that?

  8. ok. can someone dumb down for me. how to judge like how many wraps to how many ohms or what gauge wire will equal how many wraps ect I just got my first rda (budda) and some nichrome wire but idk wtf to do now that I have the stuff lol. I've watched a million videos but none really dumb them down. btw not a big kenthal fan I like the NI because I like a cool vape. I don't like it hot. so if someone could tell me how many wraps with what gauge would equal a cool vape but still put out a nice cloud that would help a lot. oh and PS. I have a few of the coil calculators but they haven't really helped much. as they just wanna know what ohms u want to run and idk

  9. Request!!! Please 🙁
    Can you make a tutorial on deciding what build to make considering your battery limits, vapor heat,and etc because I think those are the problems of a beginner 🙁
    Please. Please. Please.


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