Dangers of Ni200 nickel DON’T vape it on anything BUT Temperature Control!

Dangers of Ni200 nickel DON’T vape it on anything BUT Temperature Control!

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Don’t pulse the coils when you build, don’t Torch the coils, Don’t even make them glow like you would with Kanthal! Don’t vape Ni200 in regular wattage mode, …



  1. Sun Behind the Sun 777

    Funny looking back almost 2 yrs. Nickel just never took off as being popular. Now SS is all the rage.

  2. Gang is SS coils safe on wattage mode and temp.

  3. I think don't vape nickel full stop. i was looking into stainless for cooking coz i switched to a mostly raw vegan diet and started noticing a metalic taste when I did cook and it turns out stainless steel contains nickel. nickel is supposed to be very dodgy. remember the industries which are largely associated with chemistry are protecting vast amounts of profit with what they say is safe exposure. facts are people are getting sick from exposure to all sorts and it is hard to say which thing is doing it but probably the combination. i started going raw for detox from metals and then find it is quite a good way to avoid the cookware. id be careful really with metals like what is the ph of the eliquid? apparently like tomato reacts with stainless well i could taste it thats why i looked it up. nickel and cadmium is also apparently in tobacco smoke.

  4. Bruh ur thumbnail looks like a computer generated image

  5. What if you get that pouder like stuff on your kanthal?

  6. hey man! i have a dual fused clapton coil build in my rda. reads around .33 ohms. i have it on my G320 from smok box mod. I wanted to know how many watts can this dual
    fused clapton build can take. can i vape this build around 250 watts???

  7. billy-ted Channell

    Shit ima go back to stainless steel Jesus thanks man

  8. has any company made the coil out of the copper instead of nickel? perhaps safer?

  9. i dont care what anyone says, when you oxidize the nicken(ni200) even by mistake
    you can taste that shit. i did it once, and i felt like ass.

  10. at what temp is the hottest a nickel coil can get (In Fahrenheit) without it giving off toxins? thnxz

  11. Good information thanks, I am not going to use nickel, not taking the risk.

  12. And for fuck sake don't try use lead wire lol

  13. so i am using 36k – 26n clapton wire. I never mess with temp control. Always in wattage mode. usually 40 watts or so at .3 ohms
    so I guess I'm confused, why would they even let consumers use an unsafe metal in the first place, and now I wonder if the 36k-26n means I am vaping toxic shit on wattage mode.

  14. top man, top info, nice one, subscribed.

  15. i vape an rx200 with an aspire cleito and my coils are 40-60 watt aspire cleito coil and i put it in wattage mode , am i on the safe side ?

  16. hı guy bro
    0.15 ohm ni200 coils there is How many F I have to drink ?

  17. Harmonica In The Breeze.

    its a good thing your video is on! there are so many do-it-yourself types out here who just don't get it??
    carpenters who don't know what a tape measure is
    aquarists who wash out their filters in TAP Water
    mechanics who jack up the car on mud
    throw the instruction manuals aside types
    and of course the self made Vape scientists who before taking it bit only ever changed the battery in a remote control😕
    this is so scary I'm already reaching for my old packet of… cigarettes?

  18. your wick would catch on fire if you ever got close to the degrees you need to get what hes talking about… all my alien ls and claptons are kanthal a1 wraped in nichrome 80 or 200.

  19. very very important message in your video for the people who care less about what they're doing. thnx for sharing this. keep up the good work & i wish you good luck my friend.

  20. Fuck nickel

  21. You look like a GTA character.

  22. thanks for the good info dude. I use kanthal 100% never stainless and never nickel but its a great piece of info to have

  23. BIG THX M8!!!!

  24. Thanks for the review but I can't set it to TC mode. I have nickel 0.2Ohm. Tank is Vengeance. My VTC evic mini just hops back to VW after I set to TC.

  25. Hi, I bought eVic VT few days ago with Ni coil. If I use Ni temperature control even on max settings 60W, 600F I have little smoke and taste. If I try VW mode I get x4 stronger taste and x5 more smoke. Is there any way I could get same result in temperature control mode? I'm new to vaping and have no idea how to change coils or what coil to use in VW mode…

  26. Thank you for this video.

  27. Thanks man you probably just saved me I've been using a nickel coil in a non temp control device

  28. ss is the way to go

  29. thanks for this, very good to know that.

  30. EnigmaXEntityZero

    awesome. 👍

  31. This guy is not wrong, but he's blowing this out of proportion. It's perfectly safe to use nickel with most mods as they are locked to 600F. Even in wattage mode, you'd be fine.

    You have to get the wire to 425C (797F) minimum, and hold it there for an extended period of time for any carbon to precipitate at all. You would have to hit your temperature controlled coil at almost twice normal operating temperatures, for a whole hour. Also worth mentioning is that the experiments in the SpecialMetals paper were done in environments of pure hydrogen, and a hydrogen/methane mix.

    So let's say you've done the above and some negligibly miniscule quantity of carbon has precipitated from your coil. It doesn't magically get airborne. It would more than likely stick to the coil, or run off in juice.

    One can pretty conclusively say, based on evidence and common sense, that graphite precipitation from nickel coils is literally nothing to worry about.

  32. The Dark Lord Of Muffins

    what about a device that doesnt have temp control but has auto overheat protection?

  33. no need for the language.i watch this videos with my kids in ear shot

  34. it's much better when i changed it to temperature control thanks maan

  35. Copper is another wire that I'm glad doesn't get used because if it did, it would be deadly.

  36. Okay so I don't know much about temperature control and I just want someone to answer this one question for me. So I'm using a Smok 220w alien with the baby blue beast and a V8-Q2 coil head. The Smok alien has temperature control mode but I don't know whether I should put it on (SS) (TI) or (Ni) I want to try out temperature control but don't know what temperature to vape at or if I should use nickel titanium or steel. Please reply

  37. youre my #1 redneck

  38. Thank you for this information! I just got into vaping and my kit has the red o-ring and blue one. I'm tossing the blue one.

  39. How about gold coils ?

  40. thanks for the info. btw what mod are you using? thanks again.

  41. thanks for the info. btw what mod are you using? thanks again.

  42. i use 0.5 ohm ceramic coil by vaporesso, so basically i call vape on power mode or temperature control mode. i use vaporesso target pro with 0.5ohm ss ccell coil in temperature mode, i get a burnt metal smell and taste while vaping at around 100*c and max temperature i tried at around 180*c recomened by a professional vaper. IIs that normal or is my coil messed up?

    FYI- im new to vaping . please correct me if im doing it wrong

    thanks in advance

  43. if you dont know about things dont fucking comment on thing you dont know thats why you do resistence builds to be safe

  44. Why is everybody so scared of every little maybe dangerous thing?

  45. Joshua Villarrial

    I'm using 21 g hotwire by chadster dual coils spaced 9 wrap @ 1.6-1.7 ohm running on temple rda(not the 30mm) and asmodus plaque 150 w box mod…. I've never had a tc mod and I'm not sure what kind of wire this is.. been running this build anywhere from 80 to 120 w.. got any advice for me about this wire on tc mode.. just recently started doing my own builds and trying to be safe wanna learn from a more experienced source.. you say not make the wire glow but how do I know then if it is firing even? sorry man got a lot of questions lol hope to hear back from you

  46. how do I know if the coils that comes with the Horizon Tech Arctic Tank 100w sub ohm is nickle or titanitum or others?

  47. this is what i vape, a RX 200 my tempture is 125 Ni °C and 0.26 what looks like a horseshoe upside down and 70.0 W is thats safe ?

  48. so I didn't know the difference in the coils . I smoke for a couple hours on nickel coil in wattage mod . how bad is that ?

  49. If you're going to use temp control, use SS. Honestly, I've always heard better things about it. Plus, Stainless Steel can be used in both modes.

  50. good info, right on the mark! Also goes for all Ti-coils/any temp control coil.

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