This is my own teachings of how to DIY your own Electronic Cigarette Juice. I am going to make a product list of the EXACT things I am using.These are all of the …



  1. Why don't you drip on a mech mod if you're going to that much trouble and have that much knowledge of juice? I'd think you could be chasing clouds and would be off nicotine by now.

  2. I tried the mix… I found 15% peach is overwhelming… Then I cut the final mix to 50% with VG… vapeable but still strong LOL!
    I guess your taste buds are as hard as steel man 🙂
    Anyway, overall great tips along the video (like wrapping the nic syringe with the glove), thanks.-

  3. 11 people are dumb
    great vid man. I really want to make quality e juice for my shop. Like really good. Thank you for this. easy to understand but detailed info.  do you have any ideas how to make something like a fruity pebbles cerial tasting e juice?

  4. using flavoring will this alter your vg/pg ratio b/c most of the flavoring i found contain pg/vg already? Should these numbers be calculated in the chart generator? 

  5. Fatman i ordered banana strawberry juice and all the stuff that i need to make it i have a 3 oz bottle ordered 12 mg nicotine what do i mix everything at i ordered all my stuff off wizard labs just need a little help for my first time thank you and good video

  6. Awesome vid, Nicotine is Natural, google "nicotine forces benefits," nicotine improves mood, helps with depression, ADHD, OCD, and even treats and prevents Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and schizophrenia. Help stop the smoker-haters from criminalizing all forms of tobacco, to include even healthy options like vaping, by visiting  Nicotine is also an appetite suppressant and it speeds the metabolism. BTW, you look sexy smoking and vaping, great video  🙂

  7. Also please use your calculator on your phone to get exact %'s. If you are getting people to invest in such large batches you should at least take the time to inform them of proper amounts based on your %'s!
    120mL batch
    Juicy peach 15% 18mL
    Tutti Fruity 4% 4.8mL
    Dragon Fruit 1% 1.2mL

    And the best way is to pre dilute a big batch of nic, so you dont deal with it EVERY time you mix. I worked in a lab for 4 years. Just some advice for you…

  8. Hey fat man,
    Just one thing i noticed. When your filling your vg and pg try to hold your fill tip above your bottle a little to avoid contaminating your vg and pg when you dip back in. I say this because your droppers of flavoring will get residues on the side. ALSO im a little confused because i have found a recipe of yours with the same name but made with dragon fruit, pear, and ethyl maltol? Whats the deal with that?

    Also get ahold of me. I got a lot of diy recipes too. We should trade some.

  9. what size bottle is your nic base? I dont want to buy a big bottle and it goes bad before i use it all. If it expires before you use it all would it be harmful to your health? I smoke 2 – 2 1/2 packs of pall mall ultra light a day. So I think I will start my target nic level at 24mg…or should it be more?


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