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  1. I'm still at 12 but I don't sub ohm really so I dunno. I really feel like I can't tell the difference as I have vaped 3 and six. guess if I can't tell thevdifference then I should go down to 6 and vape that for a while huh?

  2. I have 3 of these juices, 2 of witch have Absolutely NO Flavor at all and the third makes me wish it DIDN'T have a flavor

  3. 0% NICOTINE????!!!!!

    You're a damn poser! You ain't no real VAPER! It's just a game for you and your wannabe vape friends.

    You see, where I'm from vaping is a way of life. It ain't a game played by children to try and look cool.

    You damn posers don't know shit of what it means to be a Vaper! An OV (Original Vaper).

    You nicotine free kiddies keep that corny shit out of the hood cause we don't play kiddie games. We start at 18% and only go up, SON!!

    You feel me?

  4. I'm gonna place an order for this company soon. You introduced me to yougotejuice and theyre awesome with great flavors and affordable prices.

  5. Hey Tia I've been wanting to vape for a long time and I need a vape to vape but I want one as a gift can you plz do a giveaway

  6. I have to thank you Tia, I've been smoke free for 6 months your videos popped up on my feed and it helped me rediscover vaping I had used a small ego pro style pen a few years ago with no intentions to quit just to not smoke at work and in the car . At the time my work had a no smoking police and I was just using the pen in the back and shit and eventually it broke but then one day after having several signs hapening too me I found your channel along with Jack vapes and in door smokers you all helped me quit by providing me with information on liqud and coils and tanks and mods . I haven't had a cig since September so it's been about 6 months and I feel so healthy Thank you so much I'm 22 years old prior to September I had been smoking since I was 16

  7. Love you Tia. I was on 3mg for many months but found I was smoking and inhaling cigars every day. So I am now back on 6mg for the nic fix and throat hit I like. But who knows what,s next vaping is indeed a journey. Peace , Respect and Love, Nathan H.

  8. I have been buying 60 mil bottles of 3mg nic top class (brand) eliquid for 5 dollars, it's a glass bottle juice isn't that a great deal

  9. Pebbles by Eliquid Depot is very good as well! Lots of dry cerial on the inhale and a vanilla marshmallow milk on the exhale! Thanks Tia for highlighting this company! Awesome video as always.

  10. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I've thought about it too. Keep my hair blonde (not as blonde as yours)

    Can grandma's have pink hair tho?


  11. Hiya Tia! I absolutely LOVE your videos. What would you suggest a new reviewer to do to start becoming reputable and getting a lot of subscribers??

  12. Hey Tia, can you Try fuggin Vapor co. juice? You can get 5 120ml bottles for $60 using code bigfuggindeal or $25 for a single bottle

  13. Random question for you or any fellow vapers… does anyone know of an e liquid that has a flavor similar to the dragon fruit vitamin water. I adore that stuff and have been looking for a liquid similar ever since I started vaping.

  14. ps you would look cool with rainbow hair…but pink would suit you too. if it's at the bottom or striped threw us hair..I was a hair dresser for abit lol..but I had to stop coz I was sneezing all the damn time..

  15. the thoat tickle would be high vg. And juice in bulk will only come down in price specially next year..allso ya may find the vg will dramaticly go down in the juice. I make my own so I educate myself on each chemical I use. my friend who has studied it for years is going to write a book..she's like a walking Google on vape lol..for her it's just she wants people to vape safe.

  16. I bought a 30ml of e liquid depots orange creamsicle and it tasted really chemically even after I steeped it for a month.


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