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  1. i wish that some one can answer this q for me so ik that clapton coils have cores but what if you remove the cores and use them as a hollow coil? ive asked people all over the vape comunity and no ones answerd me or has tried it yet also why do coils allways have to be round? cant there be a square or even a triangle coil?( like the tri
    iforce lol)

  2. I believe after you straighten the wire, leave it in the drill and then sand the WHOLE wire vice just the outside so it's more effective. Hell you can do that to 34ga and lower THEN build the coil completely for a more effective outcome. Might be a bit difficult with 36ga though.

  3. The ebay shop linked for sandpaper is great, and you get a whole lot of sandpaper. But if you're looking to experiment, Hobby Lobby and I'm sure other modeling/rc shops will have it – the pack I picked up is an "Ultra Fine Waterproof Finishing Kit" 8 Pack of 3.5" x 8" sheets of 320, 400, 600, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, and 12,000 grit papers. Picked up a pack for $9 locally.

    Thought I'd mention it if you're looking to experiment or try this out and dont need the super large packs that are linked.

  4. It would make more sense to polish the I.D. of the coil. Polishing the O.D. would only make a difference for wicking (Even at that negligibly so i believe.) if doing a dragon wick.

  5. looks nice but it is useless i want a good taste not a "mir" coil…i prefer just a simple twistet SS coil griffin

  6. What a way to feck up your drill chuck

    That "sandpaper" should be wet and dry paper. Use it wet with dish soap and it won't clog up.

  7. id like to see a tutorial on tsuka coil , its kicking my ass , and so far you have been a big help with other builds ive done. anyway love the videos , havnt got your rda yet but i do like what ive seen with all the different reviews that have been done

  8. man i was watching more than videos and i was holding my self to say that… bro you carzyyy.. i mean it in good way though.
    thanks a lot for all what you doing and your videos.. you give so many idea to build.

  9. Coil builders in a nutshell. Making a 20 minute video about getting a little shine out of some metal cause they think it's some advanced shit.

  10. You can use the back side of that sandpaper to clean the coil between grits so you wouldn't have to soak it every time and clean it once really well at the end. Might save you some time. Also don't really need to start with such a heavy grit because the finish on the wire is already very good. I would also use a pair of pliers to tuck the end of the wire when it's on the bit, your drill will thank you later.

  11. Once you hit 1,000 grit, use drops of water in the paper. Eliminates dust, eases sanding and does a better job. Also don't ribbon around the coil, use your finger for pressure. Anything passed 5,000 grit is a waste. Super cut polishing compound takes down to 2,500 sand scratches out. You're welcome.

  12. Polishing the outer surface of the coil does not give anything but hilarious appearance , but if the inner coil  surface polished ,then the coil will last longer because less will be burnt to its surface.

  13. to each is own I guess I think this is the dumbest thing but that's my opinion if u like it do u my friend. good video

  14. Lol @ 6:11. Great vid! Funny how people are so quick to categorize this technique as purely aesthetic. Sanding your coils can drastically changes the resistance of your coils, perfect for managing low gauge builds, especially on mech's. Also, have you tried sanding the internal surface or rewrapping to expose your wick to the mirror surface? Seems like it would have better contact with the wick (similar to a flat top stove).

  15. I'd really like to see a piece of sandpaper that's as high as 17,000 grit. Because it doesn't exist at Grainger, McMaster-carr, NAPA, Autozone, or anywhere that I'm aware of.

  16. To save time with just basic round coils. What you can do is just polish it before wrapping It. And it will be easier to clean and it will have a polished surface inside too. So that way the whole coil is less likely to gunk up


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