Easy beginner coil building tutorial on how to build a basic helix coil. In the beginner coil building series I cover a variety of different beginner coil builds, coil …



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  2. Just looking around for a coil to make for my new Dead Rabbit RDA – this might just be the thing. Thanks for these tutorials – I've been making coils for about a year, but I still consider myself a noob. I always pick up new tips and techniques watching these videos.

  3. So true that this coil is often overlooked , because it performs just as well as the fused claptons I make , if not better sometimes flavor wise…..have you ever tried using 2x helix wires as the cores for some ting else like a fused clapton or as the frames of a framed staple? It's a bit ridiculous lol, but the flavor goes through the roof ! You'll prolly wanna use kanthal to get the resistance up a bit, as it tends to build low when you use helix as cores,m especially in a framed staple , lemme know Kenny .,cheers bro !

  4. Good vid. I have always liked the Helix coils. I haven't built one in awhile and I may have to go back to them. Can you explain why you mix Kanthal and SS. Does it improve the ramp-up time or just help with getting the resistance that you wanted.

  5. Hay bro I don't want to seem like at dick and I don't know if it's a condition or something or maybe it's just me but watch your left eye in this video it's crazy man! and I am sorry if I offended you!!!


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