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In this video, I will show you a beginner’s level demonstration of how to hack a cheap ($20) computer power supply and turn it into a useful 12V power supply …



  1. someone suggested 400w power supply can give 23 amps 12v?! i have regulated power supply 7-10 amps 13.8v dc it can barely power car amp half way one channel 300 watts, keeps cutting out. can i use computer powet supply for that, i mean 12v 23 amps from 400w supply gives morr bang, am i right? i have 600w supply should be enough, right?

  2. Hi, any idea why would the psu trip upon testing the voltage?. i have the procedure as shown in this video but when i connect the wires with voltage meter, the fan in psu stops. i havethe dell psu.

  3. I saw your video carefully. . but I not understand one thing . . how you did . . I did same . . and power on supply in same way . . it didn't turned on . . tried many times

  4. Isn't this pretty dangerous to do yourself? Didn't you just plug the power source right into the wall? Can't you fry your ass if you mess this up?

  5. I used a PS similar to yours (a delta electronics PS taken from a Sony computer). I hooked it up to my sony xplod amp to power some 12" speakers, and it worked for a few seconds, and then the PS just shut down…

    any advice?

  6. thanks to the simplicity of this, i made a 12v to use for my lipo battery charger… took about 30 minutes and a lot of solder (my old psu had 9 black wires…) but it works GREAT. is there any 'easy' way for me to tell how many amps it will output?

  7. Hello. 3 Questions.

    1) LDSreliance where did you buy this particular power supply from??

    2) I have been doing some research looking around on the internet and apparently cheap Power supply's are really dangerous and could set on fire, so this is holding me back from buying. Have you had any problems with yours?

    3) What would you say is better and why: A normal actual Power Supply, or a PC Power Supply like yours???

  8. Rather than connect all the yellow and all the black together, could you use them separately to power several things at once, or will that affect the performance??

  9. I have a 12V 70A single rail PSU. Would it be the same if I just used the 12V from the EPS cable with extension cables and cut the extension cables instead of cutting and soldering all the PSU's yellow and black wires together? I'm trying to keep my PSU cables intact just in case I need it later.

  10. .. please help me. I am trying to use power supply to eun my 12 volt dc cooler. But when I join black and green it only starts for jerk. Doesnt run continously. Plz tell me what i am missing..

  11. so i plan on using a PC power souse to generate HHO i have some electrical experience but not much would it be a bad idea to simply find ALL the positive leads and solder them together and all the negative leads and solder them together?

  12. Great video? I'm currently researching how to create an outdoor 12V receptacle to power a marine stereo unit on my pool deck. I want to have the PSU inside and then run the 12v power through the wall to the receptacle. Can you tell me what model of PSU you used in the video?

  13. Hi there, you have connected all the 12v cables together to make one 12v port. if for example you wanted to have more than one 12v port could you take each individual yellow cable and use it as its own 12v port for many other loads to be connected. or would this draw to much current in the single yellow wires?

  14. Can I split up the black(ground) and yellow(12v) wires to have two sets. Lets say I'm trying to power two 12v 4.5w LED lights and want them to have their own individual switch.

  15. Hello LDSReliance, my Tennis Ball Machine(Battery Operated) says "Powered at 12V DC, 12A
    If equipped for AC Input: 100-240V, 150W" . I need help to convert the Ball Machine to AC, a forum suggested to use Computer power supply and make it to 12V 30Amp, Please advise me sir what to do… Thank you very much for all your valuable expertise in this field 🙂

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