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  1. i jumped into sub ohm immediately and i never tried an above ohm build/ coil except for a carto for less than a week. is above ohm vaping better flavor or is sub ohm basically better in all aspects?

  2. and you have that funny appeal you know when you act like a 10 year old and you're a grown man you just so funny and very famous famous to the famous vaping man

  3. what the hell is a dry hit. I have the TV8 Had the coil with 4 double coils .15 ohms set at 120 watts tasted good for about a week then it start to burn the shit out of my throat. I even tried the one with the single stove pipe like coil and it only last 2 days and burnt the hell out of my throat not a hot vape burn but, as if its the juice I have 30pg 70vg I have 3mg nic in it and it only seems to do that when I have juices with Nicotine in it about to say the hell with nicotine all together if that is what is causing the burn that I dont like. I like a small burn or hit but not one that croaks the shit out of a person. I have taken large hits and it be flava flava but like I said after a while its burns like crazy. any ideas.

  4. I've been using medication bottle cotton. And it's awesome. It's light and puffy like feathers. Not pressed so you have to roll it in your hands yourself for some time. I find I need to change the wick about just a bit faster with this stuff, but it soaks up the juice way better. One thing though, sometimes what they put there is not real cotton, so it's a good idea to burn a tiny bit and make sure it smells like cotton and doesn't melt.

  5. Hello Mr RiP Tripper
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  6. i have a problem here with dry hit or i
    don`t really know what is it ..
    the problem is when the smoke goes out of my mouth It burns my throat
    very hard i do this 10 times or some thing like that this goes away (the
    burns has gone) but in this 10 time it`s It burns my throat soo bad i
    don`t really know what to do or how i fix it ..
    i really tried some thinks that i got from youtube but it`s not works
    for me …
    so i hope you guys help me with this …

  7. should have uploading this video BEFORE i got my lemo2… can't handle vg's that good, i've been seeing youtube video's of people who cut extra holes into their chimney base section for more liquid priming. now i bought the griffin25plus and it chugs everything 😀 i recommend it to all, beginner or pro.

  8. i have been using pure vg(with flavoring that only requires about 3% to be mixed in) in my tank forever. i started building my own coils recently and it hasn't stopped me :P. so i don't see a problem. sure, the 70/30 liquid i bought originally with my tank had stronger flavour(the sample i got at the shop where i bought the thing was actually kind of too much). but it vapes allright. 😛

  9. I like the rta n rda for sure, but you shud knw not all rta capable to hit high vg into the chamber, bc some rta the most u love to use it comes with peek or pek chamber. So when it goes too hot, it does melt n burn the chamber too. Especially Pico RTA(big fans) , how do you solve this problem? Thanks trippers !

  10. Full on flavor, Baby. After months using a very powerful yet too-fragile HAUS vape mod I got at Walgreens, I downgraded to a (higher quality) but more simple eGo AIO. I LOVE this elegant eGo but I'm having problems with dry burn big-time because I currently have 100% VG juice. I added a couple drops of water each time I refill and so far it's helping alongside with the primer techniques mentioned in this video (plug air holes as best as one can and prime)

  11. 1. Can you vape juice with 50% or more PG that is smooth? I am into heavy VG juices and I'm not sure if they break my ccell vaporesso coils or if the coils are still semi success for now.

    Extra info:
    Sometimes I get a full month of usage and they might still work for like 2-3 months, who knows. I just happen to wash 2 of my coils after a month because they were pretty black and from that time they stopped having any flavor. Not sure if they sweeteners caramelize and with water they happen to become even more hard and all the flavor material is staying in the coil with only water coming through, because I still get tons of clouds with no flavor at all.

    Maybe I ruin my throat and I have to wait to heal for taste to come back? nuh I don't feel sick and I can taste food or drinks. Something's wrong with my ccell coils. And there is a big thread in reddit where people say the same thing. Many others never had any issue in any wattage.

  12. How times have changed in such a short space. I'm running min 80VG between 120 and 150 watts. I've tried 200 watt plus, and even though no dry hits it just a little bit much for me.

  13. I only use Kings Barrel Keymaster 6ml. I am clueless at what works best though. what would you recommend for these thick liquids. Haven't found anything that keeps it from getting burned or dry hits

  14. I've been looking up so many videos about how to solve the whole dry hit problem and this one has really helped me out. Especially that priming trick! Thank you so much man!

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