i was tired of people saying juice was good just cause they were paid to do so. well i am here to say SCREW THAT! if juice is gross im gonna tell you! with the …



  1. you dont make money because your poor? I think you were looking for your poor because you dont make money.

  2. Charlie your I love watching your videos that shit yu come up with is great I would love to be apart of ur videos

  3. best flavor i ever had is called slurp by a company called brkfast its like a bowl of milk from fruity pebbles second best is a maple syrup flavor that comes in a little glass syrup like bottle and for the life of me i cant remember the damn brand.

  4. I like how Baylor said Clancy's tasted like bug spray and they all ripped it at the same time… Y'all make me laugh.

  5. "Look motherfucker, just cuz you put big words in your description doesn't make it taste good." That shits funny as hell.

  6. You guys should try Fuzion Vapor's Rasta Blood I saw a video of randoms dudes trying it and they loved it they came haha jk. It's a Strawberry fields with white chocolate lines… and a hit of mary jane magic. Obviously the flavor which is very hard to get right but apparently the guy from Fuzion nailed the flavor perfectly and it works.

  7. try HAUS brand in the next one I tried mango. This brand is sold at speedway I got it bc it was late and I was out of juice but let me tell you this shit is like vaping pine sal.


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