In this video we show you how to build a dual coil with the Kanger Topbox Mini / Kanger Toptank Mini RBA deck. You will see us build a sub ohm dual coil on the …



  1. Damn, I bought this from a friend. He didn't give me an RBA base. I thought it only took prebuilts this whole time. Where can I find a replacement?

  2. You got to love this nuttiness. If it's cotton – it's organic. If it's sugar – it's organic. Both are organic by definition. If you don't believe me consult an organic chemist. Cotton is plant fibre and sugar is a di-saccharide, and also a plant product.. If it's not organic – it therefore isn't cotton and isn't sugar. Someone point to these people in the industry that they are making fools of themselves with these labels or don't think too highly about their customers' IQ. People are so brainwashed with this health craze these days that they won't use USP Glycerine from Shoppers' Drug Mart, because they think it's somehow not "organic enough" Glycerin USP us good enough to mix your juice provided you know the tricks of the trade. USP is older than FDA. And you'll be absolutely fine with wire from hardware shop, provided you take blow torch to it or heat it first, and yes you can use medication bottle cotton, as long as it is actually cotton and burns rather than melts. And yes you can boil it for additional safety. But then of course by creating these stereotypes and reinforcing them the industry is getting filthy rich. People end up buying their expensive juice instead of mixing their own and buy cotton and mostly cheap wire for 15 times the price. But it would still help if they used "organically GROWN" as opposed to "organic" (if that is actually true which have serious doubts about).


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