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Today i’ll be showcasing my top 5 eliquids of 2017 so far, join me! Dont forget! You can use discount code ‘SCOTS15’ at VapeMate for 15% off your e-liquid! https://www.vapemate.co.uk/ Nasty…



  1. You better stock up on asap grape they are not making it anymore well no more flavors without mint all their shit is low mint now wtf ima order me some also

  2. naked 100 hawaiian pog which is passion fruit orange and guava mmmmmmmmmmmm good always keep me a bottle when it is half gone i reorder that good was my first flavor also so im spoiled and picky i should have tried crap flavors first

  3. Loving the ASAP Grape and am currently chucking clouds of Fruit Pastel.
    This vid is a bit old now and was wondering what your top five juices are at the mo.
    Loving your honest and funny reviews, keep up the good work

  4. man I've tried so many but no luck! lots and lots of fakes in UK for some reason! but finally I was lucky to find you.. Nasty Juice is a fucking amazing dude! no burning flavor, no boiled drips spit out the opening and burns your lips and the flavor itself is beyond amazing! THANK YOU!

  5. hiya im trying out different brand's as ya do i just seen a site called freshmist not bad value for your money but im nervous in buying and not liking only 2 brand's im liking so far is dinner ladys and legends 33th floor and wicked ..can your recommend a value vape site that i can truly rely on please thank's from ireland

  6. I bought some nasty juice 1 bottle of each I was blown away by the flavor .but can't afford 5 pound a bottle dearer than smoking .

  7. Great review bud, thanks to you i ordered 30ml of seven seas and also gonna test out 10ml of both black frugo and poke'mango ice!


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