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Instagram @twistedmesses This is a build vid showing how to make a twisted coil that looks like a chain. I use 30g nichrome in this video because it seems to …



  1. I have used 26g nichrome for my chain wire, sometimes I twist it too much and sometimes too little, but I have hit the sweet spot and can make it just about perfect with every attempt. I never heard of twisting the chain wire back in the original direction while flattening it with toothless pliers. Your macro shots are such a great thing because I always wondered why I couldn't get my chain coil to look like your finished result. Giving this a shot for sure!

  2. I have kangertech topbox mini mod with kangertech SSOCC NiChrome coil. im not sure whats the setup I should go with, currently I set it at NC with 100C and the ohm reads 0.71 and the wattage reads 75.0W is that fine? I mean can I go higher in temperature or I must use it with wattage mode? what is the max temp/watt im supposed to go with and the lowest?
    I've been struggling with informations about coils such as these searching google but no luck until someone told me. 
    please help and thanks in advance

  3. @twistedMesses I made something very similar, but I used 2 strands of 26g twisted counter-clockwise, then took 1 strand of 30g and twisted them both together clockwise. Great Vape, great Flavor. Keep doing what you're doing brother!

  4. ya lost me at "this build is more for looks than performance"… thats where I stopped the video, cause im about performance, and why build something that doesnt perform well and also isnt even that cool looking to begin with.

  5. hey twisted,i`m lovin this coil.and I think flavor off this coil is great!i do the 28 gauge version of this and it is realy awesome.

  6. Love your builds man. I tried a clapton coil but it camme out a keith richards coil instead. I'm still working on the skill set here but I love it . Thanks and keep up the great work.

  7. That would have almost juice wells in it, creating huuuuuge clouds. I wanna do this, what gauge wires would you recommend?


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