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  1. Hi, thanks for the vid! I was wondering if you could help. I've bought a couple of batteries to use so far with my nucig disposable carts. The mudder and the liquipal. I'm looking for something cheap, under or around an tenner preferably. Are you able to recommend any? 1100mah is find not worried too much about the V. Thanks!

  2. Hi Scott, started using health e vape…was wondering how long these juices were steeped for? I am new to vaping and was just wondering:)

  3. hi mate,

    you would be surprised at how many people get an e-cig to just cut down on the real ciggies and then end up switching completely over to vaping…….i was one of those people too 🙂



  4. Thanks so.much for putting these videos on scott. Ive just ordered a ecig. Hopefully it will get me off the cigs. I dont want to stop smoking like a lot of ppl but its to expencive to buy in the shops now days.

  5. hi mate,

    the e-liquid / vapour doesnt really effect that though in my opinion……the inhale experience / draw will be dependent on air flow



  6. lol, describing flavours must be really tough. I just watched VoodooVapr and I enjoyed his take on reviews. He talks about how it feels in your lungs… do you feel like you are inhaling smoke, or does it feel like you are inhaling air through a straw.

  7. Fruit Bomb from Liberro is decent, but they're not cheap. Paradise Vape do a load of fruit flavours, plus they aren't too dear and usually throw in a free sample. Watermelon is excellent. Their sweet flavours are really nice too, pretzel and cotton candy are really nice. 

  8. hi mate,

    im probably not the best person to ask about fruity flavours to be honest as i only really vape one tobacco juice unless im reviewing something, lol

    but congratulations on switching to vaping and im sure you will start noticing all the positive benefits soon 😀



  9. Hi there. I just started vaping, like, literally yesterday. Believe it or not my tabcconist is the one that suggested it. He was worried about my health and as I know him well, he put me on to E-Cigs. I have a liberty flights e-cig and am using the Liberty Flights XO Liquids. I have 2 lots of strawberry and 1 of apple. Might I recommend a review of them and also, what fruity e-liquids do you recommend?

  10. Loving your reviews, I'm new to the vaping outside of the mini e-cig types. off the smokes 64 days now, yahooo! I'm awaiting approval for your forum btw 😉 Cagey75

  11. Wow Scott, the 33mhz chip on that mod sure makes itself apparent when you were doing the coconut melt. That rattle noise of those chips is driving me nuts! Sounds like an ultrasonic tooth brush. LOL

  12. hi mate,

    they are the same company selling the same products 😉

    and yes, still my fave vape!

    just select "Tobacco" from the drop down list as that is the one i vape



  13. Hi Scott, wierd they would send you them three flavours since looking at their website they have a huge range of flavours, i particularly like the fact you can customise your juice with them in regards to nicotine strength, flavour strength and throat hit + pg/vg mix. I've ordered some extra strong absinthe lol

  14. hi mate,

    i get my Boges from either Vapour-RoomDOTcom or VapeEscape.co.uk and have never had any problems with them 🙂



  15. hi mate,

    some liquids have a faint smell but unlike cigarettes its actually nice! for example, if you was vaping a cherry flavour then you may notice a faint smell of cherry

    tobacco liquids smell nothing like a cigarette though, they have a faint smell similar to a sweet toffee (only way i can really describe it, lol)

    the scent though is very faint and disperses within a minute or 2 🙂



  16. Hi Scott; on the strength of your review I get delivered the "Rock Star" on Monday. My first "E" and I'm looking forward to no more ash on my keyboard..lol. Regarding the flavours; It may be a question which shows my ignorance, but does the actual vapour smell, ie, might someone complain about it? Thanks. PS; Your teeth look terrific.

  17. hi mate,

    throat hit was fine…..pretty much what you would expect from any e-liquid at the same nicotine strength



  18. Hey Scott, I got some advice off you a couple of years ago and moved on from 901 to 510 not long afterwards. Still vaping, and now mixing my own and rebuilding. Thanks for helping me get started! 


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