Lemo Build Video/Same deck as the Lemo Drop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuW9s-tjQjY In this vaping video I I show you vapers how to do the Pancake …



  1. The first time I wicked an rta I stuffed it way to much and the cotton bacon started on fire and shot a flame out of the chimney lol. Live and learn I guess.

  2. Rip, could you please guide me on how to build coil on kayfun monster by 528? I'm using a creamy based juice 12mg. Pls do help me!

  3. You can easily say that Geek Vape took his idea and implemented it on the Griffin 25 Plus deck.This is exactly how it's supposed to be wicked in order to wick efficiently.Always ahead of the times Rip.

  4. I tried it right now and I can easyly say It's realy working very well . I'm using 85vg juice and toptank mini I tried 3 4 different wicking method but I taked dry hit every time and now Its totaly new experiment for me . Thank you man .

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this method! I was having dry hit problems with my Kangertech Cupti (1st one, not cupti 2). Anyway this has worked perfect, I can hit my mod as many times as i can, as fast i can can without a single dry hit!

  6. i have a kangertech Kbox mini mod with subtank mini & rba mini plus, i use heavy vg blend. Is pancake wicking good with it? also can I use SS wire with my vaping kit? please suggest. Appreciate your help

  7. alright will definitely try this out the next time I wick it just got my first RTA from black-cat e-cigarettes today upgrade from their ego tank to an RTA

  8. I was worried to try this out, my tank leaks when I wick it wrong and this wicking seemed too sketchy for my tank. I bought some new Subzero by Halo with 70vg and some 90vg vaporfi liquid and this is my new favorite wicking method for higher VG liquids. Using Kangertech subtank mini as well, thanks for showing. now I can enjoy this menthol clouds without the burning or dry hits.

  9. i'm new at vaping. been doing it for almost 2 months now. unfortunately, i never understood the meaning of "flavor" until i watched your video. i use a Krangertech sub mini. although i was buying the replaceable coils i never really tasted the flavors that i bought. raspberry, blueberry, etc.. i decided to build my own coil and it was a disaster. doing it the "pancake" method really made a HUGE difference. the flavors are amazing. Thank you so much for making this video. i'm so pleased. 🙂

  10. Never was a fan of rebuildables. Mainly because im a poor wicker. But man with this technique i finally get it.the flavour and cloud production was just wow. Thanks rip!!!

  11. A little science tip for all of you out there getting dry hits on your RBA/RTA/RBTA. Dry hits can be a factor of the volume of e-juice you have left in your tank. As the volume of liquid decreases a negative pressure increases inside the tank. What this will do is create a vacuum effect- forcing more liquid into the RBA. So if your having dry hits then try leaving the tank about half full and see if this doesn't reduce the frequency of dry hits. This principal would normally in reverse, reducing leakage when you have a full tank of e-juice. But that's not true for this pancake method. This is because the wick isn't touching the inside of the barrel wicking holes. This causing the head pressure, or weight of the e-liquid above the wicking holes, to be greater than the pressure outside the tank. Which results in a leaky tank. This may seem counter intuitive but next time fill your tank notice how fast you empty the tank. I bet the volume drops faster once you've reached a half a tank.

  12. yesterday i did this method But my smok tfv4 start leaking after i filled it up down thrue the bottom airflow i blow it out and was gone and had verry little taste with the milkman from one Hit wonder this morning when i open the airflow it leaked again also in my pocket on my bike What did i wrong has somebody a clue Or tips for me ??thnx


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