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Hello my lovely vapies! Today we are checking out the Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King tank! Get your own here: http://bit.ly/TFV12Smok ▻SUBSCRIBE!



  1. I use a baby beast on my RX and I only vap at 45. Only because it uses so much battery and juice if I go higher.

  2. Yes you have Vaped at a 100 watts before…I seen you on one of your past videos like over 6 months or so ago…but great job on the video…total respect to you for doing this for all us fans….????

  3. my daily tanks are the tfv8 and the tfv12 on the wismec 2/3 and rx300 i vape between 150-200 watts and go through about 100-130 mls of ejuice a week

  4. recently got this cloud beast king, it's going to become my daily vape, I love the vapour production but I don't like anything above 170, but gorgeous flavour got through the tank

  5. My daily vape is a smok tfv8 with a ijoy maxo at 120 to 150 watts (lowest i vape is around 100 watts) and I use 11 to 24 mg of nicotine with about 3 to 4 second drags each

  6. I vape between 130 to 180 depending on the ejuice. Check out the Artive V12 much bigger airflow. and also the the Dice RDA which I have both.

  7. I have the tfv8 cloud beast on a smok touchscreen mod i vape a 165w…i like a warm vape so the is great for me warm NOT hot

  8. i vape a Melo rt25 with a smok tfv8 t10(not the perfect fit but it does fit) coil at 135W on a daily basis. how much liquiod does it consume? not a crazy amount more than my other serpent mini setup which goes around 35W. bdw, my average drag is less than a second while my average drag on the serpent is about 3s.

  9. I rotate through my Arctic v12, Baby Beast, and Cleito 120 tanks daily. I am comfortable using the Arctic v12 at around 165 watts all day long. Looking forward to getting a cloud beast next.

  10. Hi Tia 🙂 What is the little black spot in your right hand ? I'v seen it before to 😉 Just curious 🙂

  11. I fill my squonker up 7ml once a day and vape all day, with this this Just at work alone I had to fill it 3 times in 8 hours.

  12. I can not use it as a daily vape because I go through 120ml a day lol and I'm a DIY'er. Its a very nice Tank, but the amount of juice your gonna run through will be crazy!!!!

  13. I have the TFV8 tank as one of my daily tanks (other being the Cleito).. I usually vape the V8 around 70-80W, I'm not one that uses high watts either, but I do like the tank.. I'm thinking the big baby beast might be better for me tho, so hopefully soon I'll be purchasing it.


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