This video about batteries is meant to help guide you through the myriad of batteries on the market today. While we do focus on 18650s for mech use, this does …



  1. i use Samsung 18650 25R's which I've never had any problems with but everyone says not to use bc their re wraps . i also have a set of 18650 , 3000 mah that are my main two

  2. When used for vaping What's the best 18650 battery that gives solid power until the next recharging cycle? Purple efest 3000mah , Samsung 30q, mjxo 3000mah 25a, or the Samsung inri 25a. I use both tc and watt mode. On regulated mods, no mec mods. I am confused and don't know what to be looking for with all these stats.
    Thanks inn advance.

  3. how's things mate, I have a Question that is doing my head in. So I have a Smok alien with 2 lg hg2 batterys, so these batteries are 20amp batteries and vaping at just 70watts using the octuple coul that comes with the baby beast it is giving an on screen reading of 3.274 volts, 22.90amps. So at just 70watts I am exceeding the recommended 20amp limit for the batteries. How can this be at just 70watts? Any help would be much appreciated. thanks Alot 🙂

  4. .not a good reviewfellas. you have over complicated it. I'm a intermediate vaper. nothing is conclusive. catorgrize them and tell us out of ten witch its best let me give you example with something else . we have two types of touch battries aa or aaa duracel enigizer and one unbranded from alibaba. the duracel lasted longer than the other i give it ten out of ten 7 out of ten on the enigizer and 5 for the alibaba. however with the aaa the Alibaba performed like the enigizer. some money can be saved with the aaa but with the aa its a false economy aa you will end up going through more battries. its that simple fuck me fellas very vert very shit review. i wanted a brand to buy for my e cig that is good no idear after your review

  5. Here one if a 18650 is put into a mod and set to 5.2v there now amplified volts with stacking battery's and the mod makes booklet says watts range but there is no amplified tolerance + or – hot or cold with out wearing the amps

  6. Sorry I like this reviewer but in the UK or Gb its a soapbox chargeable affiance no one can do battery safety with out trade diagrams on internals vault test yes good on mooch but not diagnosis faults safety you can not proof test with out realising internal diagrams and specifications how does closing down trade and licence specified power and running away from good in any way I can clam tutorial for the UK police and court just like mooch but I quit because there no info or facts left I may off spent £2000 off my own money it wouldn't help me one bit I'm just a shop sold Vapour out side of trade notting but a personal Vapour why review with out real results or share even if I did food test in the passed for advising company's and product test

  7. Nice look at but vaults go up but amp half continuous draw try this test with a mech and 1ohm coil find the vault drop say. 500 mah on a 18650 with 2500
    Mah this should be 5 hours on rap but the internal resistance high drain low drain for recharge will change run times plus the mechs resistance in ohms top to bottom with a multi meter add two batteries and the tray resistance and any wire added the internal batteries resistance in the big? So any difference in about time must be battery's 1ohm should be equal to 1000mah same with body of mech mod eg build 1ohm mech 1ohms=2hms living 2300mah witch is just over 1/2hour less internal resistance city and guilds sorry people I used to smoke this is a fag brake kettle boil chat on test but nothing more with out internationals I'm I do mean Norton Radstock collage fag brake ray stow exam assessment 1994 class room 2,starting to need a fag because of Vapour video battles stress mod stress juice stress act of parliament stress tdp stress Jim will fix it stress release internal batteries black print blue print diagrams no stress to share or learn is to advance not become dependent on some one with out the internals you have speculated with out the answers for mathematical truth ÷ 1,2,3 so on + or – with x ray c section you need specs p. S I'm not a spy back engineering p. P. S I'm not BP or Ici some radiation is stopped by paper some by lead acid by lead or glass electrical current by copper brass steel zinc mixed internationals needed for tests if you have a round disk witch is a none conducting disk but center a considerable or super connection inside a current change happens if you mix into the large disk current happens you need specs as it's sealed life is a waking death I'm here and in the dark age

  8. why is it city and guilds say battery have cell but mooch says there single cell or pack as city and guilds call it he says metal vs gunk not walls and plates chemical in the walls and current change passing plates between cells ? im trying to understand it all but just cant grasp it ( a battery tray is for cells) a single pack is clamped and mah is say 3000mah or 3 amp its a step down ratting amps with less (weak current) eg high vaults 520 nashinal grid work shops home vaults 230 hgv 24 vaults and work tools 12 vaults car and home tools electronic 3.7 vaults at 750mah or thay say 800mah is a amp as theres a load start of 200 mah or -150mah neg switch or standbye but every one above is 1000mah or 1amp p.s i should noy say this im tested to work with car ecu for court records but my exams are vaults not full electronics this lets me cut power from them eg amps to stop over loads or work based on safty but im not able to work with software so to close there are amps power to electronics but no amp in electronics when it leaves is can return to amps at the 510 your time code 50:52 drop off ramps up coming back to rest on a cell will be cell division this use to be on a battery pack eg aaa or double aa and is the start up test for take up an cars battery testing for a apprenticeship safe in training or work place on any car coming in to find cell faults sealed or unsealed this rule change came in September 1991 to with holed battery info and seal battery's or act change (can no test sealed battery's with out a internal wire diagram or sciatic) there is now way of say it you or the battery have a fault eg Nobel tent blowing shirt up

  9. Browsing batteries on ebay. I have heard to be careful. Does anyone know a reputable seller inside the US on ebay? My battery tops are peeling off. Also what are the twi types. I have flat ones, and one that stick out a little.

  10. Хорошее видео, еще был бы русская озвучка или хотя бы субтитры, не все понятно из диалога


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