Want to purchase the Therion Dual 18650 DNA75?



  1. Great review Mike as always.. I was wondering if you had any suggestions old treating the leather against scratches ? I have the exact same one that you have and it seems to stuff the leather relatively easy and I'm looking for something too prevent this possibly so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  2. Hey Mike, thank you for the video. Great review. The battery cover and the accent panel on the Therion in this video seem to match perfectly, but when I have looked up the Therion the accent panel seems to be darker. How do I find this same Therion that you have, battery cover and accent panel that match like yours'? Is it custom? Please help! Thanks!

  3. Hi Mike. Tks for the great review. I also saw your review on the sx mini ml class and today I need to choose between both. I love tc but I am not a pro in software things and all that. I like the look of the therion but sx350j chipset sounds better from other review. what would be your choice for look vs perforce of those two devices?

  4. Got this today from vapordna, was so excited! Every time I hit the fire button it sticks, and u have to keep clicking it to make it release. Hopefully vapordna will make it right, so far they haven't answered my calls or emails..

  5. mike u forgot something .. this mod can run in a single battery i already have it . i can use only one battery or dual batteries 👌🏻👌🏻

  6. I seen the label "do not reverse polarity" but didn't Evolv put reverse polarity protection in there chips? Does it have that feature and there just saying that just to be cautious?

  7. Hi Mike, just rewatching ur review videos. Realized that u mentioned about wanting this Therion in the 133. i believe it's coming out soon. dream came true 🙂 also Thinkvape already release the Finder 133. with Dna200 chips. badass

  8. Watch putting the first battery in, it's super tight. After 2 weeks I have had to re-wrap 2 sets of batteries because I wasn't as careful as I am now. Other than that it's such a good mod.

  9. The leather used on the Lost Vape Therion battery cover really concerns me, i know many Chinese manufactures are now using dog skin on there products , and the cruelty used when they skin the dogs alive is quite disgusting, i apologise for being negative, but people should know what they may be holding in there hands, when they purchase a Chinese made product containing leather.


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