25% Off ALL E-Liquids: https://goo.gl/QHnfB2 Today we take a look at my top 5 favorite e-juice/e-liquid flavors. This wasn’t an easy list to come up with since …



  1. why cant you go into a shop and try before you buy ? everyone's tastes & opinion's are different . retailers pull your socks up!

  2. Hey Andy! Love your reviews! Do you think you will be reviewing the aspire breeze? Would love to get your thoughts on that 🙂

  3. is it possible to get the sour belts in the UK can only find it on American sites and don't want to pay shipment cost

  4. Aspen Valley Vapes…. Home of the Horrible customer service and soon to be synthetic nicotine filled e-liquids.
    Good luck getting what your ordered. And don't grow another ear vaping synthetic fluids. As you can see Andy has been trying it out.

  5. You hit on a lot of important points like with the apple sour flavor – just a little sour many flavors way overdue it with apple sour flavors. Also, cuties – natural vs chemical flavor. I don't like chemical tasting vape juices.

  6. Man juice is just so expensive. I go through at least 10-20 ml a day easily and I know I'm a broke ass Jew but I just cannot pull the trigger on these top shelf juices.

  7. got me feeling sick with all the hand movements…. if I muted this I woulda thought u were rapping like eminem on speed with all those hand movements….. jeez chill for a min

  8. Did you ever try Naked 100 POG? By your flavor profile looks like you would like it! Also, did you ever try Cuties by Moku? I'm thinking of getting it!

  9. Have you guys Tried Space jam e juice they have over 15 flavors and they 0mg to 12mg nictien in 30 ml bottle for 20.00 dollars online

  10. Great video! I'd love to see black licorice or anise flavored e-juice. I know it's an acquired taste tho. Lol Happy Vaping!

  11. If anyone is wondering what flavours to get when starting (non smokers) my top five are
    Cookie dough 3mg nic
    Bubblegum 0mg nic
    Cola 0mg nic
    Watermelon 0mg nic
    Blueberry slush 3mg nic

  12. The vapes that rock
    Mister E lemon ice I like a 3 on the ice.
    Halo Kringles Curse awesome perpermint
    Texas Select Cinnamon squares ceral

  13. If you're thinking about getting the Sour Beltz Blue Raspberry I would Highly recommend it because it tastes and smells great.

  14. Moku Oyatsu cuties taste like throat acid with miniscule amount of orange. if anyone interested in fruity e juice i suggest try Malaysian or Indonesian brands because they mostly get it right.

  15. omg dude don't look into the camera when you're vaping… this pov makes it look like i'm getting some gay head..


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