The Vandy Vape Kylin RTA is the next big release from Vandy Vape. This particular tank is essentially the direct competitor to the Ammit Dual from Geek Vape …



  1. Cracking review, just got the tank and love it and completely agree with the niggles that you've highlighted, really hope they can tweak it next time round.

  2. Great video, came to see the wicking technique on this as got mine today and the fucker was leaking hard. Pleased to say your technique solved it for me. Thanks Vic πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Vic your the man had my Kylin for about 2weeks wicked it about 20 times always got puddling under the bottom cap on to my mods. Was about to through it in the box & give up on building altogether. Followed your instructions & cant believe it worked, again thanx for your amazing video & I've obviously subscribed & hit the bell 😊

  4. Great review.
    I bought the v2 one and I am waiting for it to arrive in the next week.
    I saw the Azeroth review 2 days ago πŸ™ , but since i am new into coiling and wicking , this might be a better choice for me.

  5. Best tank i tryed and soooo tasty have 8 other but this is my favorite now and easy build wnd wiking have v2 so the negative things are history mmm marvelus

  6. Overated tank and leaks like a bitch reload rta has the same airflow and the same flavour without having to go to silly wattages and better refilling system

  7. kylin the worst tank i ever bougtht Vic wicked every way i can diff coil diff thickness of liquid but yes still leaks from the bottom not the air flow wen i use it i have to have kitchen roll for leakage contacted them 3 times bout this prob but never got a responce back from them luv the looks n performance of it but the leakin is a pain in the arse

  8. Great review Vic!

    I too found that I needed to run this a lot higher in wattage than most of my other tanks. I usually run at 70W, but on this I run at 100-110W, and it is great, not too warm. The only thing I ended up having to do was, as someone else here said, push the cotton to the sides a bit in the wells. Before that I was getting muted flavor a little bit. Also I started with the 6ml tank and switched back to the 2ml tank. While it's small, and I now get a tiny bit of spitback, I'm finding the flavor definitely goes up a couple of notches. I'm also using the shortest/widest mouthpiece now and it's great. Overall a great tank

  9. A massive massive thanks to you. Had kinda dry hits then re wicked started leaking like hell. Was loosing half of the tank. My mate recommended to watch your vid and damn its good now. Keep it up mate

  10. I need help mate, first build was spot on. Needed to change the cotton but I can't get the camber off he deck. It's not budging

  11. I received 2 of these last week (1 Black and 1 Stainless). I wicked them just as you instructed. Sublime right out of the gate! Spot on my friend! Thank you for your help!….. πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for another great review Vic.

    I have a Kylin but I'm not getting the flavour everyone else seems to be getting. I'm getting plenty of vapour & no dry hits but very little taste. Have tried less cotton, different liquid, etc but it's always the same bland taste. Running two Alien claptons at 0.17 ohms.

    Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

  13. I got mine today and put in a dual coil build with 2* 1ohm spaced 28awg SS316L around a 3mm bit.
    I use it at TC around 220 C and it still produces great flavour and clouds.

  14. hey bro can I ask you a question?
    I was thinking of buying a new tank for flavour
    which one from these tanks gives maximum flavor
    Griffin 25 plus
    kylin rta
    pharaoh rta

  15. hi vic great review as always , you make me laugh always forgetting the batteries ,
    how does it compare to the aromamtizer plus any better for flavor?

  16. Excellent review,I own one an it's probably the best rta I've used.great value for money with all the extras it comes with,awesome flavour.easy to build on,superb.
    watched vaping postmans review an he seemed overly negative about this tank.

  17. thanks for reviews sir πŸ˜‰ I like your dialect so much and I totally agree with your testing results. Greetz from Germany. πŸ™‚

  18. by the looks of it this is tpd compliant which would make it the first rta to be released with an extension glass included.

  19. So Guys what is your best build yet for the kylin rta, i have only tried
    dual alien coil 2.5 with 5 wraps at 0.19 ohm the total resistance, the
    flavour is very nice but i feel it is getting hot before i can make some
    good vapor !!

  20. Excellent review Vic! I have one ordered but will only use the single coil option as I find that dual coils drain my batteries and are unnecessary if you get the wicking right. I like your wicking technique especially snipping your "dam" idea. Regarding the juice well, some people only leave the wicks poking HALFWAY into the juice well in order to speed up the wicking time when vaping. Keep those great reviews coming Vic, your a legend!

  21. i think the troll is still better esp being that it holds twice as much and way smaller but ima grab a reload rta n c how that is


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