vaping for beginners / blueberry E juice / mouth to lung hit

vaping for beginners / blueberry E juice / mouth to lung hit

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This video touches on a blueberry E juice flavour and a mouth / lung hit comparison.



  1. Btw, I am new to vapeing and made the mistake of buying a melo tank that was designed for lung hits and now I am stuck with it, so I hope newbies learn about mouth to lung hits and learn what to buy in the way of tanks to accomadate that technique. Which I am researching now with not much luck..

  2. Lung hit are horrible to me, makes me cough my head off. Always mouth to lung hit with cigarettes, I think it's all in what one prefers.

  3. I tend not to inhale for the most part. There seems to be no real need, as the nicotine is absorbed in the membranes of your mouth and throat – or in the stomach/liver via condensed droplets. Unlike cigarettes, vape nicotine isn't absorbed as readily by the lungs. That's why you don't get the instant gratification/fix you would with a cig after a period of abstenance. (10 ~ 15 mins to reach peak absorption vs. 3 ~ 5 with cigs I think.)

    Anyhow, I don't find any real loss of flavor, and it reduces the potential risk of aggravating lung conditions ~ such as pneumonia (correlative links have been established, but not causative. It has been demonstrated to make certain types of existing pneumonia more aggressive.) Mouth hits only seem to be the best way if you're just going for NRT rather than clouds.

  4. Hello from a fellow Vaper, subscribed! TripHammer FTW!

  5. I'm a. Mouth to lung guy. It just tastes better imo and I dont give a shit about clouds 💨

  6. Thanks dude! I know it's old but it's still a good video.

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