We talk about everything you need to know about rebuildable dripping atomizers. RDA’s RBA’s The best ones, mods, mechanicals vs regulated, ohms, sub ohms …



  1. oh my. long, jumps about on tangents, needs updating as regulated mods are more than capable these days, battery safety also. i mean just googling sony vtc or on ebay… counterfeit galore.
    I'm experienced and this confused me ?

  2. Jeff. I'm that someone you made this video for. One of the websites I shop had a very special sale to get me a rebuildable and unregulated mod. So its in the mail. I have 2 of the phantom tanks. They have a rebuildable on the bottom of the tank. Only one style of build will work. Can't wait to see the hive deck. 5 holes. They say you can build quad coils easy on it. I prefer to get all the information at once. I watched so many videos before I found yours. I'm grateful for the time and work you put into this. You gave my confidence a boost. So ready to start building. Tommorow I'm going to set up the phantom to see how that works. I am going this way to make things less expensive. I also want to do more with it now. I also keep pushing my wattage up. So the next step for me was coming. I just didn't know it at the time. Your not boring. You made the video I needed to see. Oddly enough you ended by saying its almost 3AM. Well thats the same for me. You have a cute well behaved daughter. That daughter has one very special father.

  3. thank you vary much for this video I have only been vaping for about a month now i started with a SIGELEI 150 watts with temperature control and a smok TFV4 tank and now I got a reuleaux rx200 with a doge v2 lol and i picked up a authentic monster v2 by 528 customs lol but i love it you video really gave me valuable information there is one thing i want a mechanical mod but i am super scared it was just on the news the other day one blew up in this guy's mouth it was bad really bad my vape shop told me that what ever shop he got it from sold him things that should not have went together but to me they seem really dangerous compared to a regulated mod but anyway thanks again

  4. I ordered an evic vtc mini , and also ordered a mutation x v4 RDA , i was wondering , what gauge should i buy the wire for my first build , thanks in advance~!


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