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This is the updated cotton wicking tutorial for all you builders! I’m wicking a dual coil build on my Mephisto RDA. Here’s the wire I use: http://amzn.to/20PLQ35 …



  1. thanx…complete newbie and  did my first stopping and starting all  the way thru. minz a little tite but IT WORKED!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I have been vaping for around 2 years and sub-ohm'ing for around a year of that, but only just started with RDA's. My local vape shop was REALLY helful with helping me with my first set of coils (although I used to make hand made resistors for old radios and other equipment) they also gave me a quick wicking tutorial for a dual coil. I needed to change my wicks today when I changed flavours and your tutorial REALLY helped me ALOT! now my strawberry smoothie vape tastes AMAZING!!!!!

  3. thanks so much! I'm new to Vaping and all the fun complicated stuff that comes with the drip so I'm glad I found your channel.

  4. So that's just a normal cotton ball right or not? I've seen about a dozen videos and they never say?

  5. Hey Abby if you don't min can you please subscribe to my channel it would be a big help for me and the Vaping community thanks for all the great vids I just saw your first wicking vid and I am using the square one it taste great thank you

  6. Thank you for your tutorial.. I'm new to vape and still doing my best to wick. Your video really help me a lots. :)

  7. Guys everything was great BUT when your getting yur wick redy dont roll back and forth!! Do not! Lay it on a clean paper towel and roll in 1 direction!!!! Watch Trevor Jones, for he is the you tube wicking master!!!!!! Thank me laterz!!! Lol

  8. Interesting video. I've watched some of your other videos and liked them as well. The only thing keeping me from subscribing is that annoying snare loop you always play throughout your videos. I'm sure people have mentioned it before. Not trying to be a dick, just some friendly constructive criticism. Either way, thanks for sharing these wicking methods! Good stuff!

  9. Thank you for this video. I'm very new to vaping, still using a pen style at the moment while my eGo One is being shipped. I'd love to try dripping someday soon. I'm a flavor fanatic! I didn't know what an rba, rda, coils, cotton, etc were but vids like this are extremely helpful in building knowledge to safely get to know the vape language. Like Vaping For Dummies! You're a gem!

  10. Abby, thank you so much! Like I said on your other wicking video, it is a big help! I need to know how to do everyday things correctly. I will probably never make any of those "triple twist half caf latte" coils, but I WILL be wicking 🙂 Would you consider making a wicking video using Japanese cotton? I have been having pretty good results with these little Koh Gen Do sheets I get on ebay, but it would be great to see a pro like you wicking with it.

  11. Thanks for the tutorial Abby.  As a newb at building-wicking I found this very helpful and I Iove your teaching style.  Vape safe…vape strong :-)

  12. Hi Abby,
    be diggin your videos, your very good at instructional videos, are you like a teacher or something? it seems to be very natural for you to whip these out. great job kiddo

  13. Thanks for the pro DIY Abby.  I am a total Newbie RBA user and builder and I get lots of haters on my channel for how crappy my builds are.  They are 100% correct and I needed some help.  You have been the help I have been looking for.  I have been watching a few of your tutorials and I love them.  I love your personality, clear communication, and great audio and video.  Super job and a big help to me my vaping friend.  Grateful.

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