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Ladies Vaping Supplies including the Kanger Evod available at: http://www.vaporladyloungestore.com I Review the proper vaping technique for the Kanger …



  1. hey hello I just bought one of these… yet I cant get it to work… the little box where it came in was lacking instructions or user manual… and I haven't found videos that explain how to use it… the only thing shown is the refilling and the vaping yet there are no in depth instructions on how many times we need to push the bottom /plug/switch…. in the video I see you are perhaps holding pressed the bottom as you inhale… I have tried this with no success… it seems to flash 3 times … and nothing happens… by the way…I see that the bottom or switch turns on… showing us… 2 to 3 mixed colors… its hard to describe in text… but I will try… these 3 colors turn on at the same time… as if the ring was internally divided in 3 parts… I wonder if all evod have this… I also wonder if just these colors are showing different data… as could be perhaps to indicate that the batteries are low… or failing… etc…. I am going to let the e cigg charging… just in case it needs more charge… yet I am suspecting that I am not doing things right…help!!!

  2. That pipe cleaner idea is GENIUS! I've been vaping for over 4 years (been using CE4s for the past 2) but just got my first EVOD yesterday and noticed condensation building up after just a couple hours. This is going to save me a lot of hassle, so thanks!

  3. Thank you , the lesson on a "soft draw" in this video is the most helpful information I have seen . I went from 3.8 volts to 3.3 with a 3 to 4 second burst and now get better cleaner vapor and flavor. Best info on the tube , Thanks again.

  4. Thank you for your video. I just got one of these. I am so new! But it has been burning and scratchy feeling in my throat. Sometimes even barely puffing on it, but this video has seemed to help some. 🙂

  5. Thank you, ma'am! I don't know if you know this, but you have presented the only usable video available on Youtube regarding the actual use of this device. All the rest are essentially a collection of goofy Mechanics Illustrated reviews…but no actual information as to how to actually VAPE IT. Again, many thanks!

  6. I love my Johnson Creek Vea. works awesome. went to a store today to see if I could find some tanks or carts for cheaper than what I pay now and they never even heard of johnson creek. I was like what. anyway I tasted a juice they had there and it tasted like soap.Tried another and it tasted like sweet n Low so I ended up buying a protank 2 for my vea. I like the size for the amount of liquid but will prob end up still buying JC's little tanks. better vape production. So given they never heard of JC and the Vea and lock of carts, I am pretty sure not going back to that place

  7. Awesome vid, Nicotine is Natural, google "nicotine forces benefits," nicotine improves mood, helps with depression, ADHD, OCD, and even treats and prevents Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and schizophrenia. Help stop the smoker-haters from criminalizing all forms of tobacco, to include even healthy options like vaping, by visiting casaa.org  Nicotine is an appetite suppressant and it speeds the metabolism. That's why smokers who quit get so fat so fast. Vaping can also help with weight loss and staying thin, which is what it's done for me. BTW, you look gorgeous and sexy smoking/vaping, great video  🙂

  8. My boyfriend actually bought me the purple one that you're using in this video for Valentines day.  He's been vaping for about a year.  Me? I just started just before we started dating at the beginning of December.  I love it.  I love this unit.  Thank you so much for posting this video.  I look forward to watching you others and checking out your store.  Btw, can you post the link to it? Thanks you.  Take care and keep up the good work. 

  9. great videos!! I love evod's/smoov's, but there's also been a problem with me for a while now. they work great for a couple months, but then they stop producing a lot of vapor. it has something to do with the wiring in the battery.

  10. Wow thank you soooooo much I just try'd to quite last night and was trying so hard not to smoke this morning. Was almost in tears cause I didn't want to fail, and thanks to your video I realized I was just inhaling wrong. You really saved me from grabbing that first morning cigarette. I did have one question if anyone out there knows, how do you get rid of a vapor mouth, my throat seems so dry is there anything else other than water?

  11. Thank you for uploading this! After seeing your beautiful burgundy Evod, I just had to order one. Though the site I got it off of listed it as "Red". I'm so anxious to try this! Can I ask what your favorite battery is, and also, that chocolate hazelnut flavor you used: how good is it and where can I get it?? (: 

  12. The eLiquid they sold me is ElectronCig Peach VG. It says VG on the bottle but they said that all their eLiquids are 50/50. I'm guessing it's 100% VG but not certain yet. After the 1st fill I noticed that it was wet between the battery contact area and the bottom of the coil head. Is this normal?

  13. Thank you for not smoking? Your using 16mg of niccotine in your juice. In my opinion I like it without niccotine cause its not smoking. Its vaping. Having niccotine in it is the same as smoking.

  14. It can happen, but most new evods have been modified just enough to prevent this from happening now. Overtightening any tank on a battery can either cause the tank to leak or push the pin down on the battery, ruining it. A good rule of thumb is "finger tight" but not so loose it wobbles or does not make a connection.
    I'm so glad you are joining the vaping world, I have some a nice variety of evods on my online store site and be sure to watch my newer videos to see what the next step is!

  15. I recently ordered my own Kanger EVOD after falling in love with my college roommate's when she came to visit me this past weekend. I've been trying to read and watch everything I can find for more info about it. The only thing she's told me that I haven't heard anywhere else is about how tight she screws on the clearomizer. She told me if it's screwed on too tightly, when the battery is screwed on it causes a problem with leakage. Have you heard anything like this?

  16. Amazing… thank God there is a girl doing this !.. I nearly died a few weeks ago with the "STINKS".. trying the e-cig again.. in Canada it is very hard to get juice..
    any ideas? I have friended you on facebook.. regards Anna


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