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What is RTA Tank / RTA Coil Build Tutorial and RTA Tanks Explained & How to Build Coils | Complete Beginners Guide to Vaping | Vaping 101 with ShadyVapes | ep.2 Welcome to my complete Beginners…



  1. Shady I noticed you were using Kanthal wire in your coil build. Kanthal is like half aluminum, they've linked aluminum to Alzheimer's disease. Doctors in the USA say it's at epidemic levels from use of aluminum cookware etc… I think it should be looked into before the Vape Nazis use it to put more ridiculous regulations on the vaping industry and an excuse to take away more of our rights. I've even read an article saying nickel has addictive properties there was no mention of vaping, but it only takes one incident. It was a great video though, I had no idea what an RTA was before I watched it. I can't find anyone who sells a Sqonk pin for a Mephisto Diablo v3 RDA. Thank you for these excellent Vaping 101 videos.

  2. Great tutorial for beginners like myself. What is the most common cause of loud popping? I am having this problem with my new OBS Engine RTA when trying to wick the stock coils that were supplied with it. Thanks.

  3. This is what I've been looking forward to!! I've been afraid to move to rebuilding. Your video lessens the fear. They have a coil building class at the vape shop down the street and I'm going to sign up. Thank you Shady 😃👍👍

  4. Nice review , hey u was right the avocado and ammitt r a b** to wick I got to wick the amitt after 2 days but I haven't try to re wick the avocado again probably I'll try again after work


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